NACS exists to serve cyclists in all disciplines, competitive and non-competitive. We measure our success by increases in the number of riders who participate in cycling events across North America, while also striving to help create a sense of community amongst riders in all cycling disciplines.

NACS serves all types of events – always with the goals of safety, economy and community.


With safety being a paramount component, we have designed a comprehensive permit application that requires event directors to fully explain any potential; issues affecting safety at their events. These permit applications will be reviewed by personnel (usually part of the Local Association) who have proven experience with cycling events.  For competitive events, an official will be responsible for the sporting aspect of the event, while the event director will be responsible for the safety and overall management of the event.

NACS also provides accident and participant liability  insurance for all event participants. The terms of this insurance are more fully explained on the Insurance page. The accident insurance is a major upgrade from what you might be used to, as it fills in the gaps that often exist between your own health and accident insurance and the costs of medical care. This coverage is subject to a simple $1,000 deductible and a $25,000 maximum.


Because NACS is focused on keeping the costs of sanctioning and insuring events down for event directors, we are hoping that those cost savings will be passed on to event participants – the cyclists – in myriad ways by the event directors.


Cycling is a fun and very much a social activity. Even at races, competitors are often friends and spend time with one another when the racing is done.

NACS will work with all stakeholders to develop programs that will encourage seasoned riders to welcome newcomers to the sport. For racing, too many cyclists try it once or twice and then disappear. Many times this is because they received little encouragement from other riders at the event. If bike racing is to grow, this must change and NACS intends to help encourage a more welcoming environment for riders new to the sport.