NACS invites all licensed and previously licensed cycling officials and cycling coaches in good standing, and others who are interested in becoming cycling officials, to join NACS for free. Note that all officials for NACS must be able to pass a background check.

Officials are covered under the terms of the standard event medical and liability insurance as more fully described on the Insurance page.

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NACS Officials – 2019

  1. Eligibility
    1. All officials and coaches in good standing with any cycling sanctioning body (e.g., UCI, Cycling Canada, USAC, USA BMX, NICA, OBRA) are eligible to become an official for North American Cycle Sport (NACS).
    2. All individuals who are 13 years of age or older are eligible to become an official for NACS. Only officials 18 years old or greater may officiate in a referee role.
    3. All applicants to become a NACS cycling official will be required to pass a background check, and a rules knowledge test for new officials. NACS accepts background checks made for other purposes, including for employers and other cycling sanctioning bodies.
  2. Expectations
    1. NACS officials shall strive to ensure that the sporting aspects of cycling competitions are run in a safe, efficient, and fair manner.
    2. When officiating a cycling event, NACS officials must remember that they are part of a team that includes their fellow officials, the timing and results company, the race organizer, local law enforcement, medical personnel, and all the volunteers. Officials must be respectful to all riders, other participants, and the public at all times.
    3. NACS officials are independent contractors and work for the race organizers.
  3. Insurance
    1. NACS officials are provided liability and medical insurance in the same manner as other participants as described in the current NACS insurance policies while officiating a NACS-sanctioned event.
    2. NACS officials who operate a motor vehicle during a NACS-sanctioned event are provided liability and medical insurance as described in the current NACS insurance policies.
  4. Compensation & Fees

NACS officials shall be paid by the race organizer at the end of the event according to the following:

    1. If there is a practice or policy in place in a given region between officials, the local association, and race organizers/promoters which requires paying more than the compensation amounts shown below, that practice or policy shall apply.
    2. If the above is not in place, then officials shall be paid:

2019 Standard Officiating Fees

Chief Referee

Chief Judge

Other Officials

$120 (5-9 hours)

$75 (<5 hours)

$100 (5-9 hours)

$50 (<5 hours)

$80 (5-9 hours)

$50 (<5 hours)

Overtime at $20/hour for greater than 9 hours, paid in 15-minute increments

    1. Officials shall be compensated for one hour prior to the event, the entire duration of the event, and up to one half hour after the event unless extenuating circumstances exist.
    2. For multi-day events, officials shall be paid for a full day for each day of the event no matter how many hours were worked.
    3. NACS officials shall be paid by the race organizer additional fees at the end of the event according to the following:
      1. Mileage reimbursement for travel to and from the event, as well as use of personal vehicles during an event, at the current IRS mileage rate (2019 – $.58). Officials are expected to carpool to help minimize costs.
      2. If travel time to the event exceeds two (2) hours and the duration of the event exceeds eight (8) hours (total duty day greater than 12 hours), lodging shall be provided upon request of the official. Officials of the same sex are expected to share rooms to help minimize costs.
      3. Per diem of $15 for one-day events, and $35 for multi-day events. For events where a travel day is required prior to or after the event, per diem shall also be paid for any travel days at the same rate as paid for the associated event. If a lunch is provided by the race organizer, the per diem fee for one-day events is waived.
  1. Training & Categorization
    1. NACS will provide initial training for new officials and recurring training for existing officials
    2. Individuals who are new to officiating will be ranked as a category C NACS official. Upon completing specified experience and training requirements, officials will be elevated to category B.
    3. For officials who have achieved higher categories in other cycling sanctioning bodies, NACS will honor those categories up to category A. For example, a category A official from USAC will also be considered a category A NACS official. All National, Elite National, and International Commissaires will be ranked as category A NACS officials at this time.