NACS believes that Local Associations are an integral component for integrating all the members of a cycling community, all the cycling disciplines, event directors, and regulatory agencies in their greater community – for both competitive and non-competitive events. The Local Associations are comprised of the people on the ground who are most in touch with the community they serve. Typically, they are also the most cost-effective solution for encouraging, coordinating, and implementing competitive and non-competitive grassroots cycling events. NACS recognizes this and supports their efforts. That is why we have committed a significant portion of NACS sanctioning fee receipts to funding Local Association operations.

Local Associations which support NACS (on a non-exclusive basis) will  receive not only significant financial benefits but will also have the ability to help shape the direction of grassroots cycling in North America.

NACS’ goal is to support and partner with existing Local Associations. A Local Association, currently serving a geographic area, can qualify as a Supporting Local Association by:

  1. Acknowledging their support of NACS by prominently displaying the NACS logo along with a link to the NACS website, and NACS will display the LA’s logo on the NACS web site
  2. Consider recognizing NACS sanctioned events in determining rider upgrades
  3. Consider reviewing permits for NACS events
  4. Execute a NACS Local Association agreement    Download

For geographical areas not currently served by an existing Local Association, interested groups of individuals may request recognition by NACS; recognition of a new Local Association will be solely at NACS’s discretion.

The following Local Associations support NACS: