North American Cycle Sport (NACS) exists to provide a simplified framework for grassroots cycling events. We serve bicycle riders, promoters of cycling events and local associations that coordinate bike racing.

NACS will manage, oversee, and help to provide:

  • Programs to grow grassroots riding and racing
  • A substantial revenue sharing model with local associations
  • A robust and inexpensive insurance program for event participants, event directors and all event support personnel and officials
  • Local and regional event calendars for NACS sanctioned events on
  • Training programs for event participants and event directors
  • Standardized event rules developed in conjunction with event directors
  • Participation records and rankings
  • Disputes and disciplinary issue resolution

The mission of NACS is to provide the highest quality services and programs to operate and advance grassroots cycling events in a cost-effective and transparent manner.

See our liability insurance policy
 and medical certificate of coverage.

Please join us as we are going to do some great things for our sport!