What is NACS?

NACS” stands for “North American Cycle Sport.” We are an organization that supports bicycle riders, promoters of competitive and non-competitive cycling events, and local associations that coordinate bike cycling events and racing.

We founded NACS to support and grow grassroots cycling events, provide an efficient and economically viable national infrastructure for promoters of grassroots cycling events, and to support local associations who coordinate cycling events and racing in their regions by providing more funding to them. See Local Associations for more info.

The principal tenets of how we do business are integrity and transparency. We will tell you what you receive for your sanctioning, permit, and insurance fees. We will be transparent about where and how we put our revenues to work locally and regionally. We will operate with integrity at all times and with the goal of offering a better solution for sanctioning cycling events, one which is for the benefit of all participants.

  • How does it work?

For promoters, NACS is providing the infrastructure needed to put on competitive and non-competitive cycling events. We have a permit process, a registration site for your event, medical and liability insurance for your participants, and liability insurance that includes coverage for motor vehicles, including motorcycles, driven by your volunteers, staff, and officials. Event results can be easily uploaded to our site through BikeReg so your customers can see how well they did.

For riders, NACS is providing guidance to grassroots cycling event directors on emphasizing the safety of their riders during events, an insurance package that is more robust than offered by other organizations (note that medical insurance is included as part of the liability insurance package required for all sanctioned events), online results, and we are working with Local Associations to have your qualifying competitive events considered for rider category upgrade points.

For Local Associations, NACS will support you with rebates from every sanctioning fee paid in your area for those associations that recognize and support our efforts. We will encourage all event participants to join their Local Association .  See Local Associations for more details.

Who is behind NACS?

We are a group of dedicated individuals who have been involved in cycling events and racing for decades. We have present and former officers of local associations, promoters, racers, national and international level officials, involved with the creation and management of NACS.

BikeReg is the Official Online Registration Service of NACS. BikeReg, the industry-leader in cycling-specific online registration, results, and event management is providing the online infrastructure for our registration process.

  • I am a local event director. Why should I permit with NACS?

Here are three good reasons to permit with NACS:

  1. NACS does not require an Event Director license. That doesn’t mean that we don’t take event safety seriously. We just feel that there are better ways to help ensure Event Directors put on safe events than taking their precious time and money just to put on local events.
  2. You only pay $40 to permit any NACS event. And if for some reason your event is cancelled, we will cheerfully refund $20 of that permit fee.
  3. Our insurance offers a low cost per rider, which includes any motor vehicles, including motorcycles, used to support your race at no additional premium, and provides excellent accident insurance for all participants.

For example, these three items taken together for a typical local event, with 200 riders and one field on the road at a time with a lead car and follow motor official, will save you over $300.

  • Are any kind of anti-doping controls performed at NACS events?

The U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) is welcome to test riders at any NACS sanctioned events. NACS has reached out to USADA and introduced our organization, as well as seeking guidance on how to be incorporated into USADA’s testing pool for events.

  • Is NACS part of USA Cycling?

No, NACS is not affiliated with USA Cycling. However, we are supporting USA Cycling’s mission to grow competitive cycling in America by providing an alternative solution for those race promoters who are putting on “unsanctioned” grassroots races.

  • Will I put myself or my event in jeopardy of being in good standing with USA Cycling or my Local Association if I sanction or participate in an event with NACS?

We cannot speak on behalf of USA Cycling, however we firmly believe that promoters of cycling events are the backbone of the sport – without them neither NACS nor USA Cycling could exist. Thus, it is in the best interests of the sport that any organization, whether it be NACS or others, which encourages event directors to promote more cycling events ultimately will help USA Cycling’s mission by introducing more people to competitive cycling. At that same time, we firmly believe that the greater cycling community, supported by NACS and others, will continue to help identify more rising stars for national and international levels of competition!

While Local Associations are independent corporations who contract with USA Cycling to provide certain services for a fee, they may certainly also support other cycling organizations such as NACS. Everyone involved in competitive cycling is trying to grow the sport while providing value to those using their services, and we are absolutely in support of that basic premise.