Event Directors are key members of the cycling world. Without them there would be no events.

NACS believes the prime elements for making Event Directors successful are:

  • Minimizing event overhead. This means reducing permitting costs, reducing the costs of insurance, and reducing the cost of cancelling an event.  Details are set forth below under “NACS Event Permits”.  Cancelled events will receive $20 of their $40 permit fee back. (The portion paid to the local association is not refundable.)
  • Reducing the time and expense of obtaining an event permit with NACS. Since NACS is only focused on grassroots events there will be no Event Director license or certification. Assurance that events are being run safely and according to the applicable event rules will be achieved through a detailed event permit questionnaire and initial course review, which may include a discussion between the Event Director and the reviewer. Responses to the questionnaire will be retained for use in future permit applications for the same event.
  • Providing comprehensive, reasonably-priced insurance. Risk management is an essential concern for every Event Director. While we all work hard to minimize risks, things happen and the NACS insurance program is designed to cover you when accidents do occur. The insurance coverages are detailed on the Insurance page.

NACS Event Permits

  • Permit fee is $40/day
    • Not based on the number of riders
    • Not based on the size of prize list
    • Multi-day events are charged $40 per day
    • Weekly series fees are based on the number of days
  • What you get for your permit fee:
    • Option to use BikeReg registration system for your event which provides electronic signature capability greatly reducing race-day work.
    • Access to affordable accidental medical and liability insurance that also includes event motor vehicles and motorcycles for no additional fee
    • Access to NACS event participants. You have the ability to send electronic communications to NACS event participants in your area through our system.
    • Online posting of your event results
    • Access to race officials for competitive events
    • Categorization of riders for competitive events
  • Where does the permit fee go?
    • Of the $40 permit fee, $10 is sent to the local entity that will do the permit review. In most cases, this will be the Local Association for competitive events, thereby supporting your local cycling community. Otherwise we will be identifying people in your area whom we trust to make an informed decision regarding the issuance of a permit.
    • The remaining $30 goes to NACS to help offset the costs and overhead of running the organization.
  • What are the considerations for issuance of a NACS event permit?
    • The first consideration is always safety. Is the event director making the safety of the participants an essential requirement for their event?
    • The second consideration is fairness in regard to competitive events. Are races being held according to UCI rules as modified by NACS to take into consideration local practices. Officials will be present to handle enforcement and interpretation of those rules for competitive events (Please note that in many cases we can – and will – train members of the promoter’s staff to become officials.)
    • View Promoter Agreement
  • Are there any other fees?
    • Additional fees may be charged for services such as course inspections, additional named insureds, etc.

NACS Sanctioning Fees

  • Non-Competitive Event Fee is $3.00/rider/day
  • Competitive Off-Road Event Fee is $3.65/rider/day
  • Competitive On-Road Event Fee is $3.95/rider/day
  • Where does the sanctioning fee go?
    • A substantial portion goes to pay for the event insurance:
      • $2.10/rider/day for Non-Competitive events
      • $3.15/rider/day for Competitive events
    • 25% of the difference between the Sanctioning Fee and Insurance fee goes to Supporting Local Associations to be used to support grass roots cycling
    • The remainder goes to NACS to help offset the costs and overhead of running the organization.
PLEASE NOTE: Beginning in March, 2018, at our request, BikeReg started withholding the NACS Sanctioning Fee for events sanctioned by NACS. This money is held by BikeReg until the Event Director and NACS agree on the actual fee due. If more money has been withheld than is due, those funds will be released to you. If more is due NACS, we will invoice you for the difference. The amount you ultimately pay is the same as it would have been under the previous process.
We can begin the reconciliation process immediately upon receipt of your Post-Event Report.